Pittsburgh Eats Short Sleeve Onesie

Pittsburgh Eats Short Sleeve Onesie

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“Jeet Jet?” Not only does Pittsburgh have incredible food, it has it’s own language too: Pittsburghese! Jeet Jet translated into American English means: “Did you eat yet?” and implies the desire to share a meal with someone. This print was created and designed by Erin Sunshine Art and you can find her original Pittsburgh Eats Art Print by clicking this link to her Etsy shop. These items are the perfect gift for the little yinzer in your life too.


  • Perogi: A traditional Polish dish, pasta dough filled with potato and cheese, onion or sauerkraut. You can purchase Mrs. T’s brand across the U.S., but everyone knows the best place to find them are in the kitchen of any church in the Pittsburgh area!

  • Primanti Bro's Sandwich: Delicious sandwich with fries and coleslaw inside.

  • Heinz Ketchup: The only ketchup recognized is South Western PA.

  • Pickles: Specifically of the Heinz brand.

  • Smiley Cookie: From a local family restaurant that literally makes you smile - Eat'n'Park!

  • Saris Candies: The best chocolates (I’m not biased.. I swear) and ice cream originating in Canonsburg, PA